Wall-mounted ozone hand washer
手 Used for hand surface disinfection. 99% of microorganisms can be sterilized without consumables in an environment-friendly and energy-saving way. The raw material is air. The hand washer can be used once a tap water pipe is connected. The switch is triggered electrically to provide water through a single hand washer. It is widely applicable to food and beverage processing, biopharmaceutical and laboratory etc enterprises. Can be customized to accommodate any number of users.
Model: KFT-X88≈SX1
Ozone output: 1.2g/h
Anion concentration: 6*106/ Cm3
Size: 326*182*410mm
Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
Rated power: 30W
Environmental humidity: <85%
Environmental temperature: 5≈40℃