Technology introduction

Ozone generators for water disinfection are a breakthrough innovation and improvement of original ozone technology. Due to an unbalanced electric discharge body formed jointly by the gas-distributing cooling alloy conductor with extreme accuracy and the composite film dielectric substance, the high voltage discharge electrode has uniform electric discharge gaps, high efficient generation of ozone, stable and even release of ozone and a long service life. The RTPF macromolecule condensation polymerization composite film is used for the generator medium. The imported G108 alloy element is used for the tube body, which makes the contact not oxidized after a long time of work. The nano-level air self-filtering system is designed at the ozone inlet, ensuring no contamination of the core ozone electric discharge surface from granular objects larger than 5um and thereby extending service life. In addition to water-cooling and wind-cooling modes, axial flow fans are also provided for auxiliary heat dissipation, ensuring the host has stability and an excellent service life. Unit is self-equipped with an air source environment (humidity) regulator to ensure stable ozone concentration and no generation of nitrogen oxides and other harmful pollutant gases from the electric discharge surface.