Fan filtering units
Fan filtering units are standard air units consisting of preliminary-efficiency and high-efficiency fans with low noise and a plenum box. They can be assembled conveniently into the laminar flow hoods of various sizes and feature low noise, high reliability and uniform distribution of air flow. Hence, high-quality clean air can be provided to clean rooms and microenvironments of various sizes and at diverse cleanliness levels. Its flexible design allows it to be used simply with any ceiling frame to reach Level 100 cleanliness.
In the process of building a clean room and transforming or renovating a clean workshop, it can not only improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and vibration, but also lower greatly the construction cost and deliver convenient installation and maintenance. With the use of a filter without partition plate, UUF has a total height of 380mm, which is ideal for the building with story limits. The enclosure uses typically three types of materials, i.e. cold-rolled steel plate with baked paint, mirror aluminum alloy and full stainless steel.