Clean transfer windows
Clean transfer windows protect articles entering and leaving the clean room against contamination. They are auxiliary devices in clean rooms and deal mainly with the transfer of small articles between clean areas and between clean and unclean areas so that opening times of the clean room can be reduced and contamination of the clean room can be minimized and additionally, the positive pressure of the clean room can also be maintained.
1、 Stainless steel plates are adopted for the whole box of the workbench to make it smooth and clean.
2、 The transfer window is equipped with handles on both sides to facilitate opening and closing.
3、 UV germicidal lamps are provided.
4、 The mechanical interlock is provided as standard configuration while the electronic interlocking can be selected.

Model: KFTC500~900
Size: Customized as per customer requirements
Power supply: 220V/50Hz
Rated frequency: 30W
Environmental humidity: ≤85%
Environmental temperature: 5-40℃