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Ozner Water’s Chairman increased shareholding in the Company

Ozner Water’s Chairman increased shareholding in the Company


(9 July 2015 – Hong Kong) Ozner Water International Holding Limited (“Ozner Water” or “the Company”, HKEx stock code: 2014) is pleased to announce that, the Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Xiao Shu has further increased his shareholding in the Company from the market on 9 July 2015, at an average price of HK$[-] per share. After the transaction, his interests in the issued share capital of the Company will increase from [-]% to [-]%.


On 8 July 2015, Mr. Xiao has purchased 3,130,000 shares of the Company at an average price of HK$1.6339 per share.


Mr. Xiao said, “the Hong Kong stock market has recently been volatile due to the uncertainty in the global capital market and the performance of the PRC stock market. The share price of Ozner has thus been under pressure. By further increasing my shareholding in the Company, I would like to reassure the market that the Company is now operating ideally, and that the Company and me are confident in Ozner’s future prospects. I may consider to further increase my shareholding in the Company, and Ozner may buy back the Company’s shares.”



About Ozner Water International Limited

OZNER’s two business lines include water purification and air purification. Different from the traditional one-time sales mode, Ozner Water adopted a revolutionary business model, which provides water purification service while charging annual rental, providing a unique advantage in the market. The Group has established a direct-management service team over 150 cities in 30 provinces (service network of which covers over 500 cities/counties/towns in its surroundings) in China Ozner Water originates the “cloud water purification technology”, which enables the Group to remotely manage the water purifiers by mobile phone network. This technology reminds customers and the after-sale staff the issues of purifier’s filter expiration and purifier failure. In addition, the Company uses CRM system in its customer service center in the headquarter to maintain customer relationship and convey customers’ need timely. While Ozner Water’s air purification dedicates to providing solutions and services in the filed of healthcare, foods and electronics.